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traditional Refrigerator, ab reason for Trip to Iran

The Refrigerator Of “ Hesr “ is one of the historical monuments  of Tehran and one of the amazing Iran attractive places  where is located in “Varamin” , in east south of Iran. In the past, the provision of cool water and ice has not been easy  such as today, and people of that time …


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Trip to Iran by best trains

The tour, titled “Gold Line”, includes the route from “ Tehran ” to “ savadkooh” Which will stop on its way to the tourist stations on the way and you able to visit Iran attractive places where loacted in the way. This tour has held recently can attracts many of  tourists who had Trip to …


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“ Hakim “ or “ Joorjir “ mosque is one of the Iran attractive places where is located in “ Babol Dasht “ neighborhood At the end of the market. This mosque is one of the Iran attractive places where because of its architecture is one of destination of Iran travel agencies. This mosque was …


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Land of Golden Paradise on the path to development

  “  makoo “ is one of the cities  where  is located in “  East azarbaejan “  beacuswe of its nice climate and also locating several natural  Iran attractive places is one of the popular places for Iran travel agencies. We suggest this place for whomever wanna Trip to Iran. Maku is geographically the largest …


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Trip to Iran for visit great mystic’s tomb

We are going to talk about one of the Iran attractive places where is located in “ Mahan “ city, In south of “ Kerman ” province The tomb or the threshold of “ Shah Nematullah “ is a monument to the Safavid period.“ Shah nematu llah vali “ was  poet, Mystic and great sufian …


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the second part of ” boroojedrdiha home “

In the keep on yesterday post, we are going to describe more about Iran attractive places wherer because of locating near another historical places and is one of the items of Iran travel agencies for whomever interested in Trip to Iran. Borujerdi’s house was built on an area of ​​approximately 1700 square meter The area …


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Make weekly flights from Isfahan to Moscow and St. Petersburg   The International Airport of “ Shahid Beheshti “, Isfahan, announced the launch of the airport’s flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg from major Russian cities, this shows Welcomed Russian passengers to Trip to Iran and helps to increase more Iran attractive places and also …


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The Versailles Palace of Iran was nationalized

  “ Tehran “ as the capital of Iran is most important Destination of Iran travel agencies. This city additional of economic placement, has important place in terms of Tourism, If you ask about Tehran from whomever had Trip to Tehran and has been visited from Tehran, probably they answer they know Tehran by hospitality …


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      In the keep on yesterday post we are going to one of the Shiraz and Iran attractive places in the name of “  Pars museum ” where has saved many of valuable historical object  and many of Iran traveler who wanna Trip to Iran, this place can be good place for visit, …


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visit best museum of the world, reason for Trip to Iran

IF you interested in Trip to Iran and know well about Iran attractive places, you will know well Iran is wonders land, is land of palaces ancient gardens, inscriptions, Forts and castles, mosques and … Our today post is about one of these Iran attractive places where is main destination oF Iran travel agencies  and …


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