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About Kish Island

Kish Island

With a beautiful silvery beach, clear water, abundant date palms and acacia trees, Kish is a visual treat for everybody. This oblong Island , about eight by four miles, gained a deservedly great importance in 12 A.D. when it replaced its more ancient rival Siarf which by that time has been decayed because of the horrible earthquake.

island and touristic resort located on the north east of the Persian Gulf (Khalij-e Fars). Kish is a free trade zone. Kish Island, often called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf .It is known for being a beautiful resort in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Kish Island has relaxed laws in comparison to the rest of Iran. Like mainland Iran, the people of Kish are friendly and hospitable.

Some attraction 

o   White sand beach

o   Water sport

o   Best shoppings

o   Nice restaurant with live music

o   Island tour

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