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Dreamatic beautiful village, a reason for trip to Iran

Iran is four Seasons and  each season has its beauty.  Additional to historical Iran attractive places,  has many natural  attractive places that if I want to describe these Iran attractive places , take time many years. Iran is main destination for nature lovers because of  its original natural views.Ae well as we all know Iran …


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“Neyshaboor” Turquoise, a reason for trip to Iran

Turquoise is one of the first rocks were derived because of its attractive color. Its color depending on the amount of iron and copper in combination, from blue to green range.Turquoise stone is very complex and obsessive because it must be the right type of minerals in the right place for a very long period …


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“ Amino dole “ Timcheh

  “ Amino dole “ Timchehor “ Karvansaraye amino dole” (Karvansara is equal to Hotel word nowadays is place that were made for rest, and another Accommodations for Convenience of passengers and Tim is equal to “Karvansara and Timche means to small Karvansara) is one of the destination for Iran travel agencies. The physical properties …


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Hormoz Red Beach

Many people hear the name of nature reminds lush forests and countryside elevated fall, the few number of them think about another scenes of Nature. All beautiful natural views exist in Iran and in this term Iran is one of the riches countries in the world that every year many tourists visit Iran for its …


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